1 How to Approach – An Overview

This introductory video provides an overview of how the MindHarp™ can be utilised by the carer.

Each subject is addressed in more detail in the other videos in the Facilitating MindHarp™ Activities area, using video footage from actual sessions to illustrate the application of these ideas.

The MindHarp™ can be used anywhere with a bluetooth speaker.

First and foremost, the MindHarp™ is designed for people who may never have engaged with a musical instrument. There is no ‘correct’ way to play the MindHarp™. It is impossible to play a wrong note on the MindHarp™. Players can be completely liberated from any worries or insecurities. The objective of the MindHarp™ is to encourage users to play intuitively and to enjoy the world of musical sounds.

A session on the MindHarp™ can be as long or as short as you like or the group likes. We run sessions up to 50 minutes in a group situation, for some it could be longer.

For group work we recommend a maximum of 4 with two MindHarps™. It can be introduced alongside other activities such as drawing or painting or other therapies like aromatherapy. It becomes a ‘soundtrack’ to any session.

For some individuals it can be a deeply engaging activity. A MindHarp™ session can move between sing-songs, storytelling, meditations, jokes…as well as more focused engagement with the MindHarp™. With regular use you will discover your own ways to get the most out of and to have fun with the MindHarp™.


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