About LydianHealth and the MindHarp™

Stewart Redpath (left) and Mark Smulian (right)

LydianHealth and the MindHarp™ have been created by Mark Smulian and Stewart Redpath

Mark and Stewart are Bristol-based (UK) and came together as musicians in 2014. They have been developing the MindHarp™ since then.

Through a chance encounter with the Dementia Action Alliance in 2017, they discovered how music plays such an important role in the care of people living with dementia. This led to an introduction to the Peggy Dodd Centre in Bath which is a day care centre for people living with dementia. Since October 2017 they have been working closely with the staff and clients of the Centre to refine and develop the MindHarp™ to meet the needs of this audience.

Both Mark and Stewart continue their voluntary work there on a weekly basis. Their focus, in close collaboration with Peggy Dodd Centre staff, is to develop and refine different ways for carers to use and apply the MindHarp™. They are currently working on some exciting new ideas which have evolved and continue to evolve through these weekly sessions. As these activities and programmes develop they will be shared via our Newsletters, Posts and Video content

LydianHealth is a trading name of Lydianstream Ltd,
a registered company in England and Wales No. 11238996

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