The MindHarp is a complete system for carers

The MindHarp is a complete system for carers


The MindHarp is a complete system for carers



one-off payment - lifetime support and updates

multiple downloads on all available iPads in a care home or facility

includes detailed session guides and video support

The MindHarp™ is played on an Apple iPAD.
Using your iPad go to the ‘apple app store’ and search ‘MindHarp’

mindharp in a box

  • We will deliver all the hardware to your door. 


    • x1 iPAD 4
    • 12m Warranty
    • x1 bluetooth speaker
    • x1 Protective cover / stand
    • Charger and Plug
    • £350
  • We can then guide you through MindHarp download or arrange to have them pre-loaded 

MindHarp Training Support

Carried out on your premises by the creators of the MindHarp, this course enables confidence, proficiency and creativity and puts you in a position to train your own care teams


  • Training and assessment materials
  • 4  two hour sessions:
  • 2 sessions learning, observing, supporting
  • 2 sessions leading and being observed, assessed and coached


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information for managers and directors of activities

how do i assess the ‘value’ of the mindharp to my residents and to my care home?

We understand that choices have to be made on what activities can be made available. As one of the tools available to activity coordinators the Mindharp is:

1 Available for use 24/7 to all staff

2 Can be used anywhere – social areas, private rooms, in the garden – and for many different stages of care (e.g. early onset dementia right through to end of life)

3 Does not require expensive external ‘experts’ or facilitators

4 A high quality, personalised care tool capable of building strong, positive bonds between the carer and the cared-for

5 Group or social sessions can be up to 60 minutes. Individual 1-1 sessions can last between 15mins to 1 hour

The relatively small initial outlay for the MindHarp (plus the purchase of iPads if necessary) is soon recouped in terms of potential monies saved on other musical and social activities 

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