Minirig Bluetooth

Our preferred* bluetooth speaker is the Minirig Mini. We have trialled various options. The Minirig Mini brings the beautifully composed sounds of the MindHarp™ to life without overemphasising the high and low frequencies. It is robust and tough which is important for everyday, anytime, anywhere usage. A wonderful, unexpected benefit is it fits in the hand. Players sometimes like to place a hand over the speaker which enables them to feel the music. See our facilitation video that demonstrates this.

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Get £10.00 off
the Minirig Mini

when buying the MindHarp app

Contact us directly and on proof of purchase of your MindHarp® we will send you a code for a £10.00 discount on your Minirig Mini.

*Please note that LydianHealth recommends Minirig on the basis of experience. We have no commercial interest in any purchases.

LydianHealth is not responsible in any way for the products or services Minirig may provide.

Engraving of speakers with logos, names etc. is not included in the standard price.

Contact Minirig directly for information.


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