Rachel Burns

"Mark and Stewart first introduced the MindHarp™ at the Peggy Dodd Centre in November 2017. In the past seven months we have worked with them as they have developed the MindHarp™. The MindHarp™ tool is used on the iPAD and the clients press coloured buttons that generate different sounds.

Mark and Stewart’s passion for ‘making a difference’ to the experiences of individuals living with dementia is inspiring. Its inception was based on their wealth of experience in the music industry and their insightful recognition of the positive therapeutic potential of music.

The clients have been able to enjoy and actively engage with the MindHarp™ both on a one-to-one basis and in small groups. Its integration at the day centre has been seamless and we now have the App on all our iPADS and it has become an activity that is offered and available to clients everyday. It is very accessible and can be set up with minimal fuss and time. This is invaluable when you are supporting somebody in the moment.

The MindHarp™ has been used in a variety of ways: Singing, reminiscence, background music/sound when colouring and painting and when offering aromatherapy hand massages. On some occasions clients have had a meditative response to it.

We have seen numerous benefits but first and foremost it is a pleasurable experience. One client is noticeably less agitated after using it and two clients have started speaking other languages (which they have not done for a long time). It is also an activity that can be used by carers with their cared for.

Thank you Mark and Stewart. We are thoroughly enjoying being part of the MindHarp™ project and wholeheartedly recommend it and the benefits it provides to those living with dementia and to those supporting them."

Rachel Burns

Day Centre Manager, The Peggy Dodd Centre

Fabienne Vailes

"I have worked with Stewart and Mark over the last year and have witnessed the immediate benefits of using the MindHarp™ …I cannot recommend it highly enough."

Fabienne Vailes

, Director - Flourishing Education - author of The Flourishing Student


"The MindHarp™ is an inspiring application... It brings joy to people who can only be focused in the present. A great means to bridge between young and old . I love it!"




"Using the MindHarp™ at our groups has led to some great interactions and really interesting conversations. The MindHarp™ is not only about music. It can be used to support a wide range of stimulating activities. Our experience of using the MindHarp™ has been that it is easy to use, without the need to be a skilled musician and most of all: Good fun!"



Group Coordinator, Alzheimer's Society 


“There’s something about that tool that gets her doing things she hasn’t done for a long time and it’s very pleasing to see. 


I think it’s great to see the MindHarp™ bringing back part of her brain process that she hasn’t used for many years"





N. Guy

"MindHarp™ enables our clients to express themselves in different ways. I have seen a sort of ‘free-ing up’ of behaviours and actions. Very anxious clients seem to get a calmness from the different sounds.

MindHarp™ also diverts some clients from very negative thoughts and actions to very positive. This is a total joy to see.

Staff are really enjoying facilitating this activity and the feedback is both exciting and pro-active.

I see the MindHarp™ as a tool for us to use here at Peggy Dodd to enable unto move forward in our care for people with dementia."

N. Guy

Senior Care Assistant, The Peggy Dodd Centre

Harriett Fews

"By working as the primary carer (at the Peggy Dodd Day Centre) that has been working with the Lydian MindHarp™ weekly, I have been witness to its many benefits upon my clients. The MindHarp™, especially when used regularly (i.e. once per week) has increased client participation in activities and their general involvement in day-to-day life at the centre. They appear to be more alert, more interested and overall happier since being introduced to the MindHarp™ technology. Client wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem have also seemed to drastically improve in the clients involved in using the Lydian MindHarp™. 

For example during a music and movement session with eight clients, individuals that have previously been quite timid in nature began to lead the session themselves, and began encouraging each other to engage in the movements and breathing exercises that myself and another staff member had originally used to lead the session. Certain individuals also began to start moving of their own accord and no longer needed guidance as they listened to the music. 

As the session continued using the MindHarp™, both myself and the other staff member ended up taking more of a ‘back seat’ and began to observe the effects the MindHarp™ was having on their confidence and interaction levels with one another. Clients who had never spoken before struck up conversations with one another and were laughing and joking by the end of the session.

I have also used the MindHarp™ to perform a relaxed ‘meditation’/breathing session with my clients, whom I encouraged to just listen to the music, particularly the soundscape that runs in the background. Breathing in and out in time with the rhythm enabled the clients to ground themselves in the ‘here and now’ and reduced their tension, anxieties and restlessness. I often witnessed clients saying they wished they had a MindHarp™ of their own to take home with them.

From the view of the staff at the centre the MindHarp™ has proved to be an invaluable tool to fill small gaps of time within the day, or to calm and immerse individuals in the music, effectively reducing their levels of distress and prompting them to engage more with staff and trust us more. The MindHarp™ has increased my ‘bond’ with the clients that I have conducted the sessions with, (both one-to-one sessions and group sessions) with them recognising my face more, mentioning the sessions we have done and asking me when the next session is and if they can be a part of it. 

Overall, MindHarp™ has proven to be an effective application that I have used for many different types of activities, all resulting in a relaxed atmosphere with increased wellbeing and satisfaction from both the clients and the staff."

Harriett Fews

Day Care Assistant, The Peggy Dodd Centre, Bath

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